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Hi, my name is James.

I love fishing a lot as you can tell !

I have no clue what I would be doing if  I wasn't fishing. I don't know why -but fishing is just very special to me. I think because I can go somewhere set my gear up and relax whether that's coarse or fly fishing. I can just forget about everything and fish. I have made videos available  on YouTube in which I collaborated with Sportfish and fished Haywood's Farm Lake whilst being filmed.

I love fishing for all different types of fish and using different methods. I love pike a lot - they are my favourite fish. I caught my first one in the Summer of 2018 on the Savage Gear fruck and in early Summer of 2019 caught my biggest ever pike and two on the fly including a 25lb monster !

I am currently in the England Youth Fly Fishing team for a second time, having comped in last years Youth International at Menteith. I also  received a local sponsorship from Graiglwyd Springs Fishery and representied them in the tough Troutmasters final.  The previous year I finished runner up in another really tough final.  



Well I started fishing when I was 2 years old so basically as soon as I could walk. I then started to find out what fly fishing was  . .  aroun age  4 and 

then started 

to fly fish myself at 5. 

I won my first prize at the Greys Junior Bank National aged 9.


I qualified as the youngest ever member of the England Youth Fly Fishing Team aged 11 - fishing my first International match last Summer  and am now in the team for the second time.  

what got

you into

fishing ?

I or no one else really knows how I got into fishing. It was a weird one - but 

ever since I was

a toddler before I

knew what fishing was I would pick up a stick d hold it like a rod!  Then my mum bought me a magnetic rod which you could catch plastic fish with! It then progressed to a small plastic course rod and I loved it!


Here I am now! Doing What I love . . .

Nobody in my family fishes just


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what type

of fishing

do you 

like the

most ?


I can't really answer this question because I really love all different types of fishing! 

I cant really say I like lure fishing over fly or fly over course fishing!

This is a question I

get asked a lot .. 

but I can't answer t with a specific answer as I am addicted to all methods..

My favourite target species is definately PIKE !

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Latest News

I will be writing my own blog soon i will buy something or two things compare them together with pros and cons find out which one is better and stuff like that !

feel free to send me some samples !! ;)









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Instagram: James_the_fisherman_uk

facebook: James Penwright

twitter: James_the_fisherman_uk 

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